Cali Update 2

I’ve been here in this ‘mild’ (30 degree) Colombian weather for 6 days, and I’m getting a bit anxious to do some racing. We’ve done quite a bit of training on the track and I’m feeling ready and prepared to go fast in the next couple days. Tomorrow is the individual sprints, where myself and Travis Smith will be the two Canadian representatives. From what we’ve seen the field here looks pretty strong, with a few world champions in the lineup, but I’m just going to go out there and see what I can do.

I managed to stop by the track for a bit today to catch some mens Keirin action. The racing of course was fast and furious, but what was different from the other races I’ve been to was the roaring crowd. They were really excited and into the racing, especially when the Colombians were up. It was also quite the interesting experience getting a drive back to the hotel from one of the Colombian racers instead of waiting for the bus. From the way they drive here, its no wonder how good they are at Keirins!

I know this has been a short post, but it’s time to get to bed. Big day of racing tomorrow with my first World Cup event ever. For almost up-to-the-minute results you can check out Or for a bit more delayed recap of the racing, you can check back for more blog updates tomorrow.


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  1. Best of Luck!…Im following you everyday!

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