Cali Update 3

Today was the individual sprints with both myself and Travis Smith representing Canada. I’ve been concentrating quite a bit on my start for team sprint, so I hadn’t done much speed work in the build up to this race. I was very happy to qualify tenth in the 200m with a time of 10.51. This gave me somewhat of a difficult ride in the first round. I was up against a faster French rider. The plan was to control the race and to keep the sprint short since this rider had won the Kilo and Keirin the night before. I drew position one for the start. The plan worked for the first part.  As he tried to jump over me I was able to match his acceleration and keep him on my hip. He pulled up and took another run, this time with more height. I matched his jump but he re-acclerated again. This time he got in front and stayed there until we crossed the finish line. I was pretty happy with how I raced tactically. Just a little bit more speed and I could very well have won that race.

Losing the 1/8th final put me in the B quarterfinals against a Japanese rider with a similar 200m time. I drew first position again. Lucky me. He decided to lead out the race with about one and a half to go, and I was happy to let him lead. I quickly got on his wheel but didn’t time my run right and ended up trying to pass him wayyy too high in the corners to no avail. This put me in 13th place overall. I’m happy with my performance in my first world cup so far although I know I could have done better. I’m looking forward to rip it up in the team sprint tomorrow. Those other guys better watch out for Team Canada!

In other cool news a few of us got to go up 42 floors to the roof of our hotel for a very nice view of the valley that Cali lies in. Cali is apparently much bigger than I imagined as well. Lights went on for quite a distance in each direction, all the way to the mountains (where we have been told the bandido’s live).


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  1. Thanks for the update!!…finally:)

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