It’s been a big week!

Two years ago, when Olympic qualification started, I’m not sure I really thought it would happen, but just yesterday we got the official announcement! Along with Tara Whitten, Zach Bell, GIllian Carleton, Jasmin Glaesser, Monique Sullivan, and Laura Brown, I have been selected to represent Canada at the 2012 London Olympics in track cycling!!

It’s been a tough couple years, accumulating points at the World Cups and World Championships around the globe, but it’s all been worth it to reach this point. The process to qualify Canada a spot at the games just finished 6 weeks ago at the World Championships in Melbourne. We’ve had our fair share of highs and lows. Personally I was thrilled to be the fastest Canadian at the world championships in the sprints, qualifying with a new PB of 10.281, but we also found out that we narrowly missed out on qualifying the Team Sprint by one position. Luckily, Canada still earned a single position in the Men’s Keirin event.

Now that we had qualified the spot for the country, the coaches had a hard decision to make. Which of the three sprinters on the team was going to be given the honour of representing Canada at the Games. It was decided that trials would be held to help choose the rider. Two time trials were going to be taken into consideration: a flying 500m, and a 500m accel, being dropped off from a motor bike at 50km/h to simulate a keirin event.

When I first heard what the events would be at trials, I was a bit worried. In the past, I had never focused my attention on these longer types of efforts, and was unsure how I would fair. I knew I just had to put my head down and prepare myself as best as I could for these trials in the 6 weeks we had to train.

The weeks leading up to trials were anything but boring. Tension was high, but I did my best to focus on the job at hand: prepare myself to ride the fastest 500m possible!

Before we knew it, the day of trials had arrived. I had never been more motivated in my life, and I used the energy to ride to new personal bests each time I got back on the track for another effort! After two days of trials it was all over, and the times I had set remained the fastest of the sprint group.

After three extremely anxious days of waiting, while I was sitting in my convocation ceremony, I received the official email from Cycling Canada… In one day, I received my degree from McMaster, AND got the nomination to ride the Keirin at the 2012 Games!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the coaches and staff from Cycling Canada for their hard work and dedication to the team, and of course I want to thank my family and friends for their love and support. Without all of you, none of this would have been possible!



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