Pan-Am Prep

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about why I didn’t go to Worlds this year so I guess I should answer that first.
The short story is that after a series of unfortunate events, our starter, Stephane, got injured and was unable to ride his bike for some time. After many discussions with coaches and other teammates, it was decided that the best plan moving forward would be to take a step back, and try to recompose ourselves for the next big event, the Pan-Am Championships in Medeillin, Colombia. It was a hard decision to make, since our training throughout the entire year had been focused at getting ourselves to our peak condition in time for the World Championships. However, this gave some of the younger Canadian riders a chance to gain some valuable experience at an international event and did give us a chance to go through a hard training block in preparation for Pan-Ams instead of tapering for Worlds.

After a few weeks of hard work, I went home for a bit…for just enough time to write exams, and present our final year design project at Poster Day at McMaster University. While it was definitely a stressful time, it all went really well, especially with our group winning the first place prize for our project, “Projecting Into the Future: A Self-Adjusting Interactive Projector System”.

Of course I also enjoy giving myself extra work to do, so I applied for an NSERC undergraduate research award, and got it! Near the end of my trip home I met with my supervisor and learned what I’d be doing. While I need to do lots of research to really understand the concepts, I’m super excited to start working!

The last day home, my Nonnies and some cousins came over and we had a bit of an Easter/Birthday party for me, since I’ll be missing both in California. I was running around most of the time getting packed to come back here, but it was still nice to have them over for a visit.

Back to cycling: As I write this I’m sitting on the back porch of the rental house overlooking the ocean.

We’ve just got sprinters back here this time, since Canada is just sending a sprint team to Pan-Ams this year. It’s going to be pretty exciting having such a big team (5 males, 1 female) of solely sprinters. We’re all super excited to go to Colombia, and do our best to pick up as many Olympic qualification points as possible. Now, since we’ll be racing on an outdoor track, we’re just crossing our fingers that the 10 days of forecasted rain in Colombia stops before we get there!


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