World Cups #1&2

Well I know it’s a bit delayed, but heres the run-down of how the first two World Cups of the Olympic qualification cycle went.

This was my first time in Australia, and man, what a beautiful place (except for the darn hay fever!). I was hoping to see some kangaroos, but apparently they don’t live in the big city of Melbourne.

We arrived early to Melbourne so that we could get in some good quality training and really get over the jetlag before racing, but of course before we knew it, it was race day. And then race day came and went just as quickly. One minute I was showing up to the track, and next I was on the start line. The entire day was a blur. Overall the team did pretty well. A new Canadian Record wasn’t too bad considering we had decided to switch up our order one week before we raced.

After Melbourne it was back to LA for one week, before getting ready for the next World Cup in Colombia. During that week there was a lot of recovery, while still trying to keep our speed up. During a time like this, there’s a really fine line between recovering from a 15 hour flight, and trying to stay fast for the next race.

Colombia is always an interesting experience. One day on our way to the track, our taxi driver spoke perfect English. Surprised, Travis asked how he learned. Needless to say we weren’t expecting him to tell us that he used to live in Miami, was a player in the drug business in the 80’s and is only back in Colombia now following a 14year prison sentence!

The racing in Colombia went even better than Melbourne. Again, we set a new Canadian record, coming EXTREMELY close to breaking in to the 44 second level. And we were also quite happy with our 5th place finish, since we earned some decent qualification points towards London 2012, and put a gap into our competition for qualification (all the teams from North and South America). The individual sprint went well too, setting a new PB in the qualifying. I didn’t race all that smart tactically though, but then again, I was up against World Champion Gregory Bauge.

Velocidad Varones

Following Cali, it was straight home to try and relax and enjoy Christmas break with the family for the little time I could. Luckily, I had gotten most of my Christmas shopping done online and in airports, because as soon as I got home, I got sick and was stuck in bed for days, getting better just in time to enjoy Christmas meals at my Nonnies on Christmas eve and Christmas day.

I’m back in LA now trying to find my legs and get ready for the next World Cup of the season in Beijing. I can’t believe we leave in 10 days!

PS. Check out the Photos page. I uploaded a few from Cali.

200 mts Lanzados Varones


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