Worlds: Part2

This was by far the biggest team Canada had ever brought to the World Championships, with 9 athletes and 9 support staff. For the first time Canada’s prescence at the Championships could be felt.

Race day came up before we knew it and we were on the line. The entire day is quite a blur for me, from warmup until getting onto my bike at the start line. I knew I had one job to do, and was fully focused on doing it. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as well as we had hoped, with our team finishing 11th. We missed our Top 10 goal by one position. However, we reminded ourselves that this was the first time Canada had ever competed in this event at Worlds, and we are still a very young team compared to the other seasoned veterans. We held our heads high, and are looking forward to improving at next years competition already.

The following day I got to do a bit of sight seeing for the first time since being in Europe. I took a bus into Copenhagen, and kind of just wandered around, not knowing where I was going to end up (of course leaving a trail of breadcrumbs so I knew how to get back to our hotel). It was a really beautiful city. By far one of the cleanest and bike friendly cities I have ever visited. Old statues and buildings were found on every corner. The only difficult part of the day was figuring out which statues to take pictures of, because there were so darn many.

It was a long plane trip home this time (I wasn’t able to get an exit row), but luckily at the layover in Amsterdam I found a casino in the airport! Who ever thought to put casinos in airports was a genius really. I spent a bit of time playing some blackjack, won a bit of money, and then finished my journey back home.


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