Worlds: Part1

After a quick 8 hour flight in the exit row (Why do flights seem so much quicker when you have a reasonable amount of leg room?), I arrived in Holland along with one other teammate from Toronto. You may wonder why Holland, since I just told you Worlds were in Denmark. Well, for the first time, Canada was having a ‘holding camp’ leading up to the Chamionships. Basically, this meant we were all just showing up 10 days early to get accustomed to the time zone and freshen up the legs, and then 5 days before racing travel into Denmark to RACE! Of course we could have just travelled directly to Denmark, and had our camp there, but for any of you who have been stuck in hotel rooms with the same people for too long, you understand why we came to Holland first. The idea was that a change of scenery in Denmark would re-liven things up and get us motivated for racing. And let me tell you it probably saved many of us from going crazy. Yes, we were in a beautiful European city, but when your main job is to train and recover, that means after training all you get to do is sit in your hotel room and rest your legs… literally. All unnecessary walking was avoided. A few of the guys played monopoly on their Ipods until their thumbs were sore. Luckily, I had a bit of work to do to keep me somewhat occupied (Yes, this is the one time that I was thankful to have some school work to do).

Training in Holland was going even better than in LA. On our race rehearsal day I was excited to hear that I had just nailed out a PB standing lap of 17.9 seconds, and I knew I was ready to race. After a few more days it was time to head into Denmark. The support staff packed up our bikes and luggages into a big truck, and began the long trek to Denmark. Luckily for the athletes, we were getting rock star treatment. Instead of being subjected to the cruelty of a 12 hour drive, we were going on an easy 1hr plane ride, just bringing a small carry-on so that we could simply walk off the plane, and into the vehicles that our support staff would have ready for us on the other end. I could really get used to that.


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