Pan-Am Trials

I was barely home for a week before it was time to head back to LA… This time it was for Pan-American Trials. I could not afford too much time away from home at this point (since it was exam season), so I flew in one day early. Trials went off without a hitch, except for the last day. We showed up to the track, and for some reason the velodrome was dark with only the emergency lights on. We could see well enough, so proceeded to get ready and warmup. As soon as we were all nice and toasty, security showed up and said we had to leave immediately, for safety reasons. We begrudgingly changed out of our kit and went to Starbucks to try and wait it out. A couple hours later, we got news that the power was out because some construction company had cut some lines, and the power wouldn’t be fixed soon enough to get back on the track. So our trials were cut one day short, but most people got to show what kind of times they could do.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve written my four exams (thank goodness thats over…until I start my spring courses in one week), and now am preparing to go to Mexico on May 7 for Pan-Ams. Other than that the only big thing that happened was moving out of Darryl House in Hamilton 😦 … I’ve moved back home for the summer and have quite a mess now to consolidate..maybe I should get to that now. Til next time.


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