Last Days in LA

Wow. I just realized that according to this blog, I am still training pre-worlds in LA a month ago. I guess its time for an update. This one might take a few posts though so be ready.

I last left off with training going really well in LA (as training on a real track almost always does, or at least compared to training on the road). Anyways, the only other exciting thing that happened in LA was getting our new custom fit skinsuits. We had a tailor who had been working with all the Winter Olympic sports come to LA, to measure us up, and tailor skin suits to fit us perfectly. She was also talking about how a future ‘speed-suit’ might also be coming down the pipeline for us cyclists, something similar to the speed suits the Canadian bobsledders/lugers used in the Olympics (which rumour has can save up to two tenths of a second per run). This may sound insignificant, but keep in mind the Olympics were won and lost by less time than this, accumulated over multiple runs.

So after LA, I took the dreaded trip back home to catch up on a bit of school and midterms. It was really nice though to be able to sleep in my own bed and check in with family before taking off again, this time to the World Championships in Denmark.


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