Livin’ in LA

I’ve been slacking a bit with these blog updates. I’ve been living in LA for 20 days now, so I guess its time for me to get writing!

First off, I’ve gotta say how awesome our apartment is. We’re living in a gated community, with a huge pool and hot tub to relax in after our hard training sessions, and a full gym we use to do core work every once in a while. Oh, did I mention that I’m on our second floor balcony taking in some sun as I write this?

The training here has been amazing. We’ve got a great group of guys who continue to push each other harder and harder everyday. Everyone is continuing to get faster and stronger.

I’ve also been trying to keep up with school as best as I can, but training really is a 24hr/day job. A normal day starts off by rolling out of bed at 7am, eating breakfast, and doing the normal morning stuff. We head out on our road bikes at 8:30 to get to the track with just enough time to pump up our tires and change our gears before Travis yells at us for being late for warmup, which starts promptly at 9:00. Training usually takes 3 hours, so at 12 o’clock we head back home on the road bikes. After preparing lunch its around 12:30, and we’re all blown from training, so now you’ve gotta throw in 1-1.5 hours of sitting/laying down or maybe chilling by the pool. Now comes the time that I usually try to do work. ‘Try’ being the key word. I’d estimate I have two hours before its time to start preparing supper, but the time it takes to get everything set up, plus tear-down time, leaves me with not a whole lot. At 4:30-5 its time to start getting supper ready, which sometimes seems like it takes longer than it should. Finished supper by 6:30, and then the Olympic coverage comes on, so the rest of the night is spent watching the television. Or should only boring events be on…cough*figureskating*cough (Sorry Elisa!) …we can pick out a movie from the thousands of channels we get here. And then of course its off to bed early to recover and get ready for the next day’s training.

Despite how busy I may have made my life sound, we have gotten out of the apartment and done some cool things in LA. The first week, we went to the Staples Center, bought some tickets from scalpers and watched the Lakers vs Spurs game. Even though our tickets were at the very top of the stadium, we had a pretty cool time.

Again this past week we ventured into LA. This time we checked out Santee Alley, to try to buy some knock-offs. For those of you familiar with these kind of markets, the ‘good stuff’ is always kept in back rooms, or basements, or even in enormous refrigerators in the basements of back rooms. However, this was my first time at this particular market, and it was a bit confusing at first. Nobody would show us the ‘good stuff’. Turns out, as we were told, we looked like cops since we weren’t locals speaking Spanish, and thus everyone was afraid to show us anything. After the market we went up to Ventura for some delicious AllYouCanEatSushi, which of course we left with stomach aches from stuffing ourselves too much.

A couple days later we went up to Hollywood Blvd, just to say we walked on the ‘walk of fame’ and to see the infamous HOLLYWOOD letters on the side of the mountain. It was a pretty cool experience. On the way back, we were stopped when a convoy of black SUV’s with sirens rolled through, with SWAT members in the back hanging out the windows with huge machine guns. We had no idea who they were escorting, but apparently it was somebody pretty darn important.

Well, that has been a summary of the past few weeks, so now I’ll give you a breakdown of what’s happening in the next couple weeks. I have one more week left in LA, before I head back to the blizzards of southern Ontario. Travis, Stephane and myself have officially been selected to represent Canada at the World Championships which are taking place in Copenhagen on Mar 24. The Canadian team is actually heading to Holland first on Mar 14 for a pre-worlds camp, before making the trip into Copenhagen. This should be quite an experience, for myself as well at the Canadian team members. We have a great bunch of staff coming along with us, to make our lives as easy as possible, with one focus only: go FAST!

Stay tuned for updates leading into the World Championships!


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