Cali Update 4

I’m back home now, buried in the textbooks preparing for my 4 exams this week. I figured I’d take a quick break to let everyone know how the last day of racing went in Cali.

Preparation was as usual, this time with a bit later start to the racing at 2:30. I did a quick roll-up on the rollers, a couple roller sprints, and then up on the track for a two standing starts to get prepped for the Team Sprint. Before I knew it, it was time to race. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous. Not only was this a World Cup race, I also had two riders behind me who I did not want to let down. As my bike was being weighed, I envisioned my explosive start from the gate. Sandy, our mechanic, then brought up the bike and put it into the gate. Before the bike was even positioned correctly the timing clock had started it’s countdown from 50 seconds. I quickly jumped on and did up the straps on my pedals. beep. beep. beep. beep. beep. BEEEEP. And I pushed and pulled as hard as I could for my one lap, then got out of the way for my teammates to finish their two laps. I looked up on the scoreboard and let out a silent cheer inside as I saw our qualifying time of 45.3 which put us in first position at the time. We had also just set a new Canadian record. There were still 4 teams to go, only two of which could go faster for the three laps. This put us in the bronze medal ride against the Ukranians. Again, in twenty minutes we repeated the process. Explode out of the gate, go fast, and get out of the way. All three team members did almost exactly the same time on our respective laps, but the Ukranians had gone two tenths faster, and we finished in fourth place. While a podium would have been nice, we were all pleased with our efforts, and our fourth place finish at our first world cup. We are all looking forward to the next world cup in Beijing where we can hopefully better on our performance!


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