World Cup Prep Camp

Wow, what a crazy week it’s been here in LA. We’ve had some great sessions, with a lot of help from the numerous CCA staff and coaches down here, and everybody seems to keep getting faster and faster! Having such a big group helps motivate everyone and encourages healthy competition within the group pushing everyone to go harder. Yesterday we must have had 10-12 sprinters training with our group including USA sprinters Jimmy Watkins and Adam Duvendeck.

We’ve been doing quite a bit of team sprint work this week to prepare for the upcoming World Cup in Colombia at the beginning of Decenber, but we have yet to officially decide our starting order. Hopefully we’ll get to that soon. For now, it looks like I’ll be starter, with Cossette and Smith’s order yet to be determined.

Of course the week wouldn’t be complete without the friendly CCES drug testers visiting the team. Right after our training yesterday five of us were chosen to give samples at the track, including first timer Stevie Meyer (he was pretty excited). Nine other athletes had been tested the previous night back at the hotel. When I was notified, I was still in my wet shorts, just after getting out of the ice tub, and of course I had to stay in sight of my chaperone, so was not allowed to go change in the changeroom. So instead I had to pull a quick change under a towel in the middle of the track to get into regular pants. By the time we finished this process and got back to the hotel, it was 2pm. After a quick bite and a change of clothes, we were back at the track to do a quick weight session with local trainer Ron. For warm-up and cool-down we got to play quick games of volleyball and basketball. Needless to say, track cyclists should not play either of these sports in public. It was a blast though, and gave us a chance to have some fun and relax. After getting back to the hotel again, we scrambled to shower and make some dinner before heading down to have the daily team meeting. Finally, after the meeting it was massage time. It was 7:30 before the days activities were over. I brought some textbooks to do a bit of studying, but with days like that, it’s been pretty hard to find the time to sit down and get work done.

One more day of hard training tomorrow, then it’s back home again for 6 days before heading to Colombia!


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