Chicago Airport

Here I am, sitting in Chicago waiting for my next flight to LAX. This time on my way to the CCA training camp, I flew out of Buffalo, since essentially it was less than half the price of flying from TO. This was my first time to Buffalo International, so I had no idea how far it was from my house. Of course the obvious thing to do would be to rely on Mapquest to give an accurate driving time, but Mapquest led us astray. Mapquest estimated 90mins of driving time, when in reality, it only took 45mins. That, combined with the fact that Stevie was coming with me, (and we all know how Steve likes to be ‘early’) got us to the airport 2.5 hours before our domestic flight. I’ve been compensating for my lack of sleep with high doses of caffeine. I’m on my third cup of coffee today. Well, its time to go board my next flight. Look for more updates from LA this week!


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