Double Days and Early Wake Up Calls

This past week has been pretty intense as far as training goes. Almost every day has been a double day, unfortunately mostly on the trainer. It’s not so easy to navigate the streets of Hamilton with a track bike and a 96″ gear. Needless to say, my legs were pretty sore, and I was very exhausted. Thank goodness school has slowed down a bit, with all my midterms finished. On Thursday night I went for a much needed massage to freshen up the legs. The only question I’ve been asking myself since then, is why don’t I go more often?! Never mind ‘The Stick’ and foam rollers, nothing compares to a real massage for loosening up the legs.

After a very exhausting week, I was looking forward to the weekend, to be able to sleep in. My goal was to sleep in until a minimum of 11am… but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Bright and early in the morning, at 730, I wake up to the doorbell ringing. I figured it’s just some stupid solicitor, and like everyone else in my house I ignore the doorbell. Then it comes again.. DING DONG…What the heck is this guy doing, I thought. Nobody else was getting up to answer the door so I figured I’d better do it, and then I’d be able to head back to bed. Nope… wrong again… I answer the door and it’s the drug testers, asking me to pee in a cup. It was a pretty uneventful collection, but by the time it was done, there was no going back to sleep. It was time to get started with the day and do some training.

I can’t believe its already the middle of November! Only one more week ’til I head back to LA, for another CCA training camp. I’m hoping to be able to check out some apartments while I’m in LA, for a potential temporary move to the sunshine. I think I need to be at the track more often, and moving to LA is the only way that can really happen. I have a meeting with the Dean this week to see if we can arrange something with school. And then, after LA I am home for 6 days before heading off to Cali, Colombia, for my first World Cup event. I’m pretty excited to see how the Canadian Team can do in Cali.

Well, time to do some work, and hopefully get ahead to make up for the weeks of school I’ll be missing in the near future.

‘Til next time.



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  1. I think it’s about time for an update…or I may have to delete you from my blogroll!!!!!

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