National Team Camp – Los Angeles

Hey Everyone,

I’m just sitting here on a plane right now, heading for the Toronto International Airport. There aren’t any good movies or shows on right now, so I figured I’d give you guys an update on what I’ve been up to.

I’ve just spent the last week in sunny California, where I attended another National Team Track Camp, put on by the CCA. The actual camp started on Tuesday, but I went down to LA a bit early, basically because it only meant missing one more day of school, but gave me three extra days of training at the ADT/Home Depot Center Velodrome. Oh, and of course the extra sun was nice too!

For those of you who have never seen this center, it is absolutely amazing. It has acres of sports field, courts, stadiums, and training facilities, and is also home to the LA Galaxy MLS soccer team. The velodrome itself is also quite beautiful, especially compared to the tracks we have currently in Canada.

LA Velodrome

I spent the first few days in LA training on the track with Travis Smith, and Stephane Cossette, two of Canada’s other track sprinters, as well as American Adam Duvendeck. We even got a chance to do a quick weight session with Adam, where he was nice enough to correct my squat form, which was lacking so say the least. We also did some intense core work. (which left my abs feeling sore for the next three days) Note to self: Do more sit-ups!

On Tuesday, the rest of the Canadian team arrived (26 athletes in total), along with numerous coaches and support staff. It was great to have so many elite athletes all training and living together. We all pushed each other to our limits and have all improved because of this. Having so many elite athletes together also enabled us to do some race simulations, which is unfortunately not something we can do very often. Not only do we need to develop our speed, but we need to work on developing our tactics so we can learn how to win races. On Friday night, we threw on the double discs, and had some fun qualifying and racing in a sprint tournament. This was by far the best part of the camp.

I would just like to say thank you to all the coaches, support staff, and to the CCA for a great camp.

The announcement over the PA has just informed us that the ground temperature at the Toronto Airport is less than ten degrees!  Not quite the 30 degrees I was used to in LA. Who knows, maybe I’ll have to move? I wouldn’t mind training on a real velodrome everyday, rather than the cold roads of Ontario. And the added benefit of California beaches 15mins away wouldn’t be so bad either.

For now though, its back to real life. Time to catch up on school and get studying for all the midterms coming up!


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